I’d like to share my leadership transformation story with you. If it resonates with you then it’s time to engage in leadership coaching.  Here’s my story…

I had to deal with team conflict, unwillingness to adapt and change, people in the wrong seat, and many other challenges some of which I had no idea how to manage.

Sometimes life adds more to our plate than we can handle.  I often wished I could turn to someone who could hear me and relieve me from some of the thoughts that were overbearing and fogging my mind. Someone I can relate to and be heard without being judged. I also needed someone to keep the information confidential and give me that safe space to vent.

It was extremely hard. I felt pressured by my team to solve the problems that were thrown at me even when it was up to them to partake in the solution.

How was I supposed to know how to handle many of the leadership, management issues that they do not teach in dental school?  I was taught how to do dentistry, no one ever painted the picture of being a leader, a manager, and an entrepreneur. I did not know that having authority is not the same thing as leadership.  That was until I engaged with a coach and my life (and business) was transformed.  

Benefits of Leadership Coaching:

  • Maximize your leadership potential

  • Experience greater work-life balance

  • Reduce fatigue and burn-out

  • Achieve greater personal and professional satisfaction


You play a number of roles in your business and as the leader, you carry a heavy load. Through Leadership Coaching, we’ll begin to alleviate the pressure you’re under. 

Vilcoaching was started by Dr. Sonia Hariri. A retired dentist who was a practice owner for 27+ years. Dr. Hariri understands the challenges of being the dentist and the CEO of your practice.

If you would like more information about leadership coaching, please call (520) 251-4286 or email info@vilcoaching.com. You can also fill out the form below and someone will respond shortly