In life you are wearing many hats. It is realistic to get overwhelmed and feel that you are having to navigate through these feelings alone. You might be feeling stuck, you might have tried a couple of things that you learned at a seminar or self-help book. You try it and realize that it didn’t work for you. It was easier said than done and your situation is unique.

Sometimes life adds more to our plate than you can realistically handle. I’ve been there, I often wished I could turn to someone who could hear me and relieve me of some of the thoughts that were bearing down and fogging my mind. Someone I can relate to and be heard without being judged. I also needed someone to keep the information confidential and give me that safe space to vent. Can you relate?

Guess what, I can now say that I have the knowledge and tools to empower you through your strengths to overcome your challenges.

  • Having difficulty controlling your emotions at work or at home?
  • Desire a safe and confident environment to be heard without judgment?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with a full plate or a flood of emotions?

Call Dr. Hariri to discover how she can help.  We use a strategic means to facilitate change.

Favorite quotes:

“The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen”-Michael Jordan.

A master of dentistry, business, and coaching, Dr. Hariri is a life-long learner. Training in CE at Spear Education, at the Pankey Institute, then Invisalign and Tip Edge Orthodontics & Implants at Loma Linda University was only the beginning for Dr. Sonia Hariri. CEO of a successful practice, Spear Study Club Leader, Disc Certified, and Master Certified Life Coach, Dr. Hariri is unstoppable.

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