Welcome to VILcoaching

The mission of VILcoaching is to support you in achieving your life’s vision.  My role as your coach is to provide you with a safe and confidential environment to explore and discover while supporting your strengths.  As a result, you’ll achieve greater life satisfaction, strengthened personal and professional relationships, and reduced feelings of overwhelm by experiencing relief from the issues that are weighing heavily on you. 

Vilcoaching was started by Dr. Sonia Hariri. A retired dentist who was a practice owner for 27+ years. Dr. Hariri understands the benefits of coaching which inspired her to become a Master Certified Professional Life Coach.  


Life Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed, isolated, or just need a confidant? 

Leadership Coaching

Challenges with communication, new hires, or turnover?  

Team Coaching

Are things slipping through the cracks or not running smoothly?